Air-Dry Clay Creatures


Air-Dry clay kit: Bring out your child’s inner innovator!
Kids are the architects of tomorrow. Water the seed of creative greatness in your child by giving them this fun, easy-to-use air-dry clay kit!

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Out of stock

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Size and value-added features
• Type – box type
• Dimensions – 190mm x 260mm x 40mm
• Weight – 550g
• Kit includes 75g of air-dry clay in eight different colours, two clay-shaping tools, one rock, 13 beads, two pom-poms, one pipe cleaner, and a 48-page instruction book
• 10 amazing creatures to create!

Why we love it!
• Easy-to-build! Step-by-step instruction manual that makes no room for mistakes
• Why should kids have all the fun alone? Get down and dirty with your child and create inspiring figures!
• Fun-time is the best time to bond!
• No need for oven baking. Create the best and the air will do the rest!