Cloud Nine Kids Playmat


Cloud nine kids playmat: A glimpse from the top of the world
Our gorgeous smart playmats will keep your baby sufficiently occupied while you can run your errands care-free knowing that your munchkin will be safe with his play buddy.

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Size and value-added features
• Colour – shades of blue against off-white
• Material – 12 mm PVC Foam
• Weight – 1950 gsm
• Size (in cm) – 140 x 140 x 1.2
• Border – emboss border
• Sufficiently-padded and soft-to-the-touch
• Non-slip and waterproof surface
• Contrasting and stimulating colours and figures
• Made using 100% non-toxic, baby-friendly materials
Why we love it!
• Matchless comfort! Smooth surface that allows for a peaceful afternoon nap.
• Safety first! Padded foam to cushion your bub’s stumbling footsteps
• No slip and fall! Padded foam to cushion your bub’s stumbling footsteps
• Bid mess goodbye! – waterproof surface
• Playmat or playmate? Playful learning made possible through contrasting colours and figures.
• Playmate for a playdate! Can be easily folded and carried for playdates and to parks.