Creative Lettering Master-Class Kit


Creative lettering master-class kit: Master the coveted craft!
Ever envied master calligraphers and been in awe of royal vintage hand-letters? Well, even you can master the art of creative lettering using this useful kit!

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Out of stock

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Size and value-added features
• Dimensions – 254mm x 330mm x 35mm
• Weight – 830g
• Kit includes six dual-tip lettering pens, one metallic pencil, eraser shield, eraser, a 32-page sketchbook, and an instructional book
• Includes expert tips and techniques
Why we love it!
• Master a plethora of creative lettering styles – medieval, retro, vintage!
• Instruction manual that will help you get the knack in no time!
• Beautify your projects and personal diaries with your invaluable creations!