Go Girl Notebook Doodles


Go girl notebook doodles: Happy doodling!
Art forms have been in a state of constant evolution. And look where it landed us – the fascinating world of doodling. Grab this doodling kit and experience the joy for yourself!

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Size and value-added features
• Dimensions – 216mm x 276mm x 5mm
• Weight – 310g
• 80 pages filled with fun doodling styles
• Fun erasers
• Compatible with all palette forms – colour pencils, oil pastels, water colours, markers, pens, and more
Why we love it!
• What’s better than to explore a whole new art form!
• Stress-reliever! Did you not know that doodling is a great way to vent out suppressed emotions?
• Can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!
• Use your stunning creations in fun projects
• Make no mess! Well, our leak-proof high-quality papers won’t allow you to anyway!