Junior Jigsaw Small: Dragons & Princesses


Disney princesses jig-saw puzzle: Sip tea with Disney Characters!
Have an awesome tea-party with the coveted Disney princesses as you and your little one together solve this mini jig-saw puzzle!

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Size and value-added features
• Size – 160mm x 200mm x 60mm
• Weight – 330g
• Type – Box Set
• Number of Puzzle Pieces – 45
• Stimulating and vibrant colours
• Kid-friendly Disney figures – princesses and friendly dragons
Why we love it!
• Drills in much-needed life skills! There’s quite nothing like solving a brain-stimulating puzzle to develop sharp cognitive and problem-solving skills – crucial for later use in adult life
• Not just for the kids! Us mature adults can become old enough to enjoy fairytales once again
• Eye-catching shades to arrest your bub’s attention and keep them occupied
• No match for bonding over corporative play and puzzle-solving!
• Disney figures that kids so love!