Junior Jigsaw Small: Mermaids & Narwhals


Exotic underwater jig-saw puzzle: Swim around with gorgeous mermaids!
Do mermaids exist? Well, they certainly do so here! Sit down with your kids and explore the glorious underwater world alongwith mermaid friends through this fun jig-saw puzzle!

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Size and value-added features
• Size – 160mm x 200mm x 60mm
• Weight – 330g
• Type – Box Set
• Number of puzzle pieces – 45
• Stimulating and vibrant colours
• Kid-friendly exotic beauties – mermaids and their underwater habitat
Why we love it!
• Drills in much-needed life skills! There’s quite nothing like solving a brain-stimulating puzzle to develop sharp cognitive and problem-solving skills – crucial for later use in adult life
• Not just for the kids! Us mature adults can become old enough to enjoy fairytales once again
• Eye-catching shades to arrest your bub’s attention and keep them occupied
• No match for bonding over corporative play and puzzle-solving!