Magical Creatures Colouring and Drawing Kit


Magical creatures drawing and colouring kit: Let those artistic juices flow!
Treasure your child’s inner artist by gifting them this spectacular colouring kit featuring intricate legendary creatures of the myths!

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Size and value-added features
• Dimensions – 197mm x 256mm x 90mm
• Weight – 415g
• Type – kit that includes 10 metallic pencils, 10 magical creatures to learn to draw, and 10+ faint-line illustrations to colour
• Step-by-step instructions for drawing

Why we love it!
• Every child is an artist! And this fun metallic colouring kit will bring out the one in yours!
• Opportunity to learn to draw the legendary creatures you’ve only read about!
• Make no mistakes! Well, the in-depth instructions won’t let you anyway!
• Why must kids have all the fun alone? Dear adults, get down with them and try your artistic hand!