Money-Savvy Mr. Piggy


Money-savvy Mr. Piggy: Helping your child take baby steps towards frugality

This delightful piggy bank is a fun and healthy way to instil the discipline of saving without being overly preachy. Equipped with smart aesthetics, it will encourage them to adopt regular savings as a lifestyle.

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Size and value-added features

• Size – 5 by 5 inches
• Material – resin
• Colour – pristine white
• Cushiony feel for children’s safety
• Tiny coin slot located underneath the animal figure – remove the piglet to access the mouth of the coin slot. Once full, open the lid and overturn the bank to release all the saved money

Why we love it!

• Out-of-the-box learning! An easy and effective way to introduce your little one to the useful discipline of saving
• Sturdy and durable make! Hard-to-break resin body that can withstand being dropped onto the floor
• An attractive incentive to save! Mr. Piggy acts as an irresistible incentive to drive the valuable thought of savings, home!