Warthog Water Bottle


Hakuna matata with Pumbaa!: Your child’s hydration buddy

Pumbaa, the famous warthog from Disney’s meerkat-warthog duo is here to help meet your little ones’ hydration needs!

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Size and value-added features

• Colour – bright gold yellow and mild peach
• Sipper – foodgrade silicone sipper straw
• Interior – Grade 316 L stainless steel
• Total number of caps – Three (Two sipper caps, one normal drinking cap)
• Water capacity – 460 ml
• Anti-leak properties

Why we love it!

• Sip at the tip of your child’s fingers! No more water spillages!
• Steel the deal already! – Interior make using Grade 316 L stainless steel that is hypoallergenic, absolutely safe and non-toxic for kids
• High wear-and-tear threshold and scratch-resistant to match a child’s rough usage
• Low-maintenance and user-friendly features
• Say hakuna matata! Eye-pleasing aesthetics to cheer your child up