World Landmark Etch Art


World’s landmarks etch art creations: Discovering the world’s most famous landmarks!
The beauty of the kaleidoscope in art form! Allow yourself and your child to escape into a quest of visiting the world’s most popular landmarks with this landmark etch art creations.

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Size and value-added features
• Dimensions – 230mm x 290mm x 20mm
• Type – kit that includes a 16-page instruction book, eight patterned etch-art panels, eight plain etch-art panels, two stencils and a stylus
• Weight – 630g
• Ink – special, non-toxic, scratchable ink
• Publisher – Hinkler Books
• Includes spectacular posters of landmarks such as the Big Ben, Times Square, and more!
Why we love it!
• Magical goodness that will beguile kids and adults alike!
• Ability to make these famous landmarks bustle with life!
• Broadens little ones’ imagination
• Keeps them waiting with bated breath for the beauty that is to unfold as they use their magic wand of a stylus!