Zap! Extra-Mini Pinatas


Zap! extra-mini pinatas: Making every birthday party a blast!
Want to take good ol’ celebrations to the next level? Well, then you’re at the right place! Using his mini piñata-making kit, you can transform any party from drab to fab!

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Size and value-added features
Kit includes one roll of 4 mts. Long jute cord, 3 rolls of 10 mts. Long crepe paper, eight balloons, six jiggly eyes, and a 48-page instruction book
Why we love it!
• Oomph up the fun factor – All that you will ever need to throw a blast birthday party!
• Make no mistakes! Well, our in-depth instruction manual won’t allow you to anyway!
• Makes ever celebration count! After all, life’s too short for boring parties!