Bedside Lampster


Cat bedside lampster: Easy ticket to Slumberland!

Our cutesy bedside lamp featuring Mr. Cat dozing off with earplugs on is the perfect way to ensure that your darling sleeps through the night peacefully.

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Size and value-added features

• Size – 5 by 5 inches
• Material – body – plastic
• Colour – White
• Lamp light colours – Blue, Red, Green, Pink

Why we love it!
• Babies love soft lights – mild, intermediate lights that aid in your baby’s sound sleep
• Sturdy and durable – durable make that can hold its shape and functionality despite being dropped onto the ground
• Guaranteed safety! Shock-proof ultra-smooth plastic body with harmless lights
• Sleep-inducing design – mild luminescence and sleepy cat caricature to induce sleep and promote an atmosphere of tranquillity